The past year has been nothing but a challenge for restaurants. Now, the hospitality scene is beginning to look brighter. COVID-19 related restrictions are beginning to be eased and lifted across the country. New Jersey and Pennsylvania both are allowing more patrons to enter bars and restaurants. Is your POS system ready to meet the higher demand? Here are 5 things your POS needs before reopening:

  1. Clean up your Menu Database

A lot has changed over the past year. Your POS database may need a cleanup! Eliminate or archive items that you are no longer selling. Make sure that your food items, modifiers, and event scheduling are current. Giving your employees a clean user interface means less time searching for items and more time focused on serving customers.

  1. Modern Payment Methods

Consumers are now accustomed to contactless payment methods. A modern restaurant should be able to take QR code scan-to-pay payments. This cuts down on wait times and increases customer turnover. Mobile wallet payments like Apple and Google Pay are now widely used, too. Believe it or not, these payment methods are even more secure than EMV transactions according to US NEWS.

  1. Embrace Self-Order Kiosks

A major issue due to COVID-19: a decrease in people reentering the work force. Less staff = longer wait times. Decrease your labor costs by eliminating non-essential positions or allocate more staff to your kitchen and increase service. Plus, consumers in the region are accustomed to self-checkout kiosks at Wawa and other quick service establishments. Consumers love kiosks so much that they even upsell themselves!

  1. Your Own Online Ordering

Getting your own online ordering through your POS provider  can turn your online ordering from a revenue stream into a profit maker. Add links to your online ordering page directly to your social media and website homepage. Drive your digital business to be for pick up orders without the hassle of dealing with 3rd parties. 

  1. Enhanced Digital Presence

Having your own online ordering is important, but what if you are in an area with a lot of competition? Promoting your restaurant’s presence, online ordering, or website can increase the likelihood of followers on social media platforms converting into customers. Restaurants need to take the next step towards promoting their online presence where customers see them the most. 

Is your POS provider able to cover all these bases? Your local Heartland provider, Advanced Hospitality Systems, can! Work with a company that provides services for point-of-sale, online ordering, and digital media marketing all-in-one. Want to learn more about how? Call us today or click below for your free consultation NOW.