Kiosk Self-Ordering

Heartland Restaurant’s kiosk is easy to set-up & give your restaurant a sleek, modern look

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Keeping your restaurant up-to-date with modern restaurant trends is important. All of your clients are now used to getting in, ordering, and heading out with consumer self-ordering. This consistently growing trend is prominent in quick service and table service restaurants. Why isn’t it in yours?

Heartland Restaurant’s kiosk is easy to set-up and get started with. Kiosks can help lower labor costs, increase order accuracy, create more up-selling, and give your restaurant a sleek, modern look. Want to revolutionize the way you do business? Implement Heartland Restaurant’s kiosk and see what type of return on investment you can generate within the first year!

What Kiosks Can Mean For Your Business

Lower Labor Costs

Keep labor under control with seamless automation.

Increase Order Accuracy

Cut out the middleman and let your customers place direct orders.

Generate More Up-Selling

Your customers are more likely to up-sell themselves without any pressure.

Sleek Modernity

Show your community that your business is ahead when it comes to technology.
Heartland POS

Heartland Restaurant POS Payments + Payroll

Get a full point-of-sale solution for your business with Heartland Restaurant with Payments and Payroll! Accept payments anywhere, any time on any device. Heartland turns more shoppers into buyers and processes payments securely and quickly. Balance your business’ time and attendance, human resources administration, tax reporting and more in one online, integrated suite. Contact us now to be connected with your local Heartland representative!

Heartland POS
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Heartland Kiosk Self-Ordering

Heartland Restaurant’s kiosk for consumer self-ordering is part of its digital first approach. Opening new avenues for ordering is vital for customer engagement and revenue generation. Heartland Restaurant comes included with online ordering, mobile ordering through our Guest App, takeout and delivery software, and a loyalty program to incentivize customers to continue to come back for more. This digital first approach puts a user in the perfect position moving forward in the hospitality environment.

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