Clutter clogs up physical and mental space – not just at home, but at work, too. Now is a terrific time to reflect on where your business is at, and where you’d like it to be. Follow these tips to improve your brand, operations and bottom line by assessing what’s not working, decluttering and freshening up.

Put the brakes on what’s not working

We’ve all tried something that didn’t work. Not every product or marketing promotion is a super seller. If something isn’t working, it’s time to drop it and try something else.

Menu: Do you carry unpopular menu items? Do you know which items provide the greatest margin? Conducting a biannual analysis of your menu and your profit per dish is a good way to reveal those answers and optimize your operations. Clean your POS database. It’s easy with Heartland Restaurant.

Inventory: Most businesses have inventory that’s not selling. Replacing stagnant and out-of-season products keeps your selections fresh and more tempting to visitors.

Marketing strategy: Don’t keep throwing money at a marketing strategy that isn’t working. Make sure you are targeting the right people in the right way. Experiment with different tactics. If your top goal is to acquire new customers, add promotions or special deals for first-time buyers.

Declutter your workspace

Things can pile up when you’re busy running a business. However, uncluttered physical and digital surroundings lead to a more productive work environment.

Old equipment: A hard-to-use, slow POS creates extra work for employees and increases service times for consumers. The speedier your process is, the more sales you’re likely to make. Heartland Restaurant is the perfect solution for a fast, cloud based POS system.

Payroll records: Poor recordkeeping and data-entry mistakes can result in overpaying or underpaying payroll taxes. Make sure your employee files are 100% accurate – with emergency numbers and addresses. Bundling Heartland Restaurant & Payroll creates a great environment for keep track of payroll.

Email marketing lists: Are you using email to market your business? Take some time to scrub your subscriber lists and add new addresses from opt-in customers collected on your POS, mobile app and online website. Gather customer information with Heartland Restaurant’s loyalty program.

Keep it fresh with makeovers

Freshness is key to attracting customers to your business. Sprucing up content entices potential customers and reminds loyalists why they love your business.

Online profiles: Thoroughly review your profile on every social media platform you use to ensure your business information is accurate. Incorrect addresses, phone numbers and hours of operation can cost you sales.

Website: Your website creates first impressions. Keep content timely and relevant to show you are active and tuned-in to your audience. Promote your own online ordering from a central location with Heartland Restaurant.

Promotions: Put your business’s seasonal spin on holidays and special occasions by posting special deals or running contests. Increase customer interest with a free gift offer, or run online contests and reward winners.

By cleaning up your physical and digital business spaces, you will also free up your mind to focus on what you want your business to accomplish.

Heartland Restaurant can help you declutter the POS side of your business. Take a step into the cloud with Heartland Restaurant’s anytime, anywhere data management that comes included with online ordering, loyalty, contactless payments, and more, along with kiosk capabilities.