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No-touch solutions are going nowhere in the future.

Contactless solutions are here to stay for good. With an ever-evolving payments landscape, it’s important to keep up with modern payment trends that your customers are demanding. Heartland Restaurant is fully capable and ready to help transcend your business. Take scan-to-pay, text-to-pay, and mobile wallet payments seamlessly.

Take modern payment methods without a hitch:


Get the boost you need to expand, renovate, improve marketing, hire staff, and grow your business.


Easily track hours your employees work

Mobile Wallet

Simplify your payroll tax management and ACA reporting process.

Great Rates

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Heartland Contactless Solutions

Get ahead or catch up to your neighborhood competition with our modern payment methods. Our contactless payment solutions are safe, secure, and user friendly. Speed up table turnover. Take more payments faster and free up staff. Reduce chargebacks with proven transaction processes. Show that your restaurant is modern and technologically friendly for savvy customers.

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